Our programme can be adjusted to yours.

V rámci podpory ke kampani organizace Diakar a pacientské organizace Diaktiv k rizikům špatně léčené cukrovky nazvaná Žijeme na hraně přešli 25., září 2017 nad Staroměstským náměstím provazochodci. Na snímku Anna Kuchařová.


For a highline exhibition, it’s necessary to have an appropriate anchoring in the place of the event. Minimum height is 7 metres (for the safety of the walker and spectators under him). The length of the line should be about 8 to 100 metres, so that the exhibition was interesting. We’ll discuss everything that’s necessary and check the place before the event.


The price for 2 liners (installation, cleaning and special equipment included) is 36.000 Kč.

While ordering another product, the price can be 28.000 Kč.

The price is just approximate, everything is adjustable to your needs. And that’s not all. We’re definitely open to all your brave ideas and special wishes.The more you’ll tell us about your event, the better we’ll be prepared.

We look forward to walk in the air. We wish you luck with every step you take!


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