Imagine, you will try something that looks impossible and after 2 hours of practice you can manage it. You will use your core, breath and mind. We can do for you slackline playground for you or intensive workhop.

The price depends on the number of participants, instructors and your requirements.

Example: 25 participants, course in Prague, 2 instructors, examination of the place, transport, installation, cleaning…

Price 15.000 – 18.000 Kč.

Example: Slackline for event, 250 people (adult/children) can try slackline during one day. 3 instructors, examination of the place, transport, installation, cleaning…

Price 25.000 Kč.

Slackline Academy workshop kurz foto Kačka Šulcová

Of course, we can add a highline or trickline exhibition to this workshop. You can choose whatever you want in our ordering form. We will let you know, on the grounds of the form filled by you.

The price is just approximate, everything can be adapted up to your needs.

And that’s not all. We are definitely open to your brave ideas and special wishes. It can a walker above water, walking on a line being led by a physiotherapist or you can practice yoga on a line.

Slackline Academy wokshop for children photo Vojta Frohlich

The more you’ll tell us about your event and the group of people, that you expect, the better we’ll be prepared.  (Will there be children, seniors? Will they come to us tired, or cheered up by a drink? Do they want to have fun, learn something or relax?)

We look forward to our collective air experiences. We wish you good luck with every step you take!

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