Jumping, flying through the air, forgetting about gravitation for a moment and falling in the rhythms of bounces and elastic landings. Yes, slacklines are not just about walking, you can literally let them push you to the stars!

Feel free to specify what you are most interested in: butt bounce, chest bounce, surfing, static tricks… You can do it in our ordering form.

Individual:  1 – 2 liners, 60 min. lesson, price for one lesson 800 Kč.

Group of 3 – 5 liners,  60 min. lesson, price for one lesson 1.150 Kč.

Group of 6 – 10 liners, 90 min. lesson, price for one lesson 2.950 Kč.

Group of  11 – 15 liners, 120 min. lesson, price for one lesson 5.250 Kč.


  • It’s best to try slacklining while being barefoot or wearing shoes with flat and soft sole (sneakers, converse shoes..) – you can test your shoes by stepping onto an edge of a mat, if you can feel the end of the mat, you will feel where the line ends.
  • Bring something waterproof and something that will warm you up. Light rain is ok while walking a line, but a blanket, a mat or a thermos flask with hot tea can be useful every time.
  • You should be wearing something comfortable and something that can get a bit dirty.
  • Slacklining isn’t dangerous, but while learning, you’ll jump from a height of 20-40 cm. Please consider, if your knees, ankles and spine can handle it.
  • We’ll do everything, so that you’ll leave with a smile on your face and stronger body and mind. But remember, that the participation in a course is at your own risk.

In case of bad weather, the course will be canceled in advance and rescheduled to a different date.

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