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Slackline is great way to reach balance. You can walk on it, jump, rage or calm down after a long busy day. We offer courses for adults, children and even families. We can adjust the programme to your needs e.g. for a company, festivals or for a birthday party. We also offer gift vouchers. And apart from classic walking courses we offer a yogaslackline, highline, and walking on a line with a physiotherapist for activating stabilization muscles.
Do you have any slack question? You'll find the answer on our blog. I wish you joy with every step you take!

Our courses

Highline workshop (beginners and intermediate)

Come and experience what your body and mind are capable of. Try highline in safe and welcoming enviroment with option of top rope security. The course will be led by Anna Hanuš Kuchařová, certified highline rigger by ISA (International Slackline Association) and licenced trainer by Czech Slackline Association.


Highline Camp

2024 July 23rd - 27th

5 days highline camp where you will learn how to rigg highlines. You will try highline rescue and of course lots of walking and falling.


Dárkový poukaz 2200 Kč

Tento dárkový poukaz si můžete vybrat na jakémkoli kurzu či workshopu. Nejlépe ho uplatníte na jednodenním kurzu highline (chození ve výškách). Který se pravidelně koná v Liberci.