5 days highline camp where you will learn how to rigg highlines. You will try highline rescue and of course lots of walking and falling. All this in the beautiful surroundings of the Tisza Rocks, Czech Republic near to Děčín (CZ) and Dresden (DE).

Highline camp is for those who are serious about highline. You will learn:

  • How to build artificial (drilled) anchors
  • How to make natural anchor points (slinging the rocks and trees)
  • We will discuss different types of rigging systems  and webbings and what they’re good for
  • We’ll talk about what could put you at risk on the highline and how to reduce chance of potentional danger.
  • Highline resque training prepares you for any unexpected situation.
  • And also we discus how to build your own highline set up which will best suit your needs and goals

You will get a hands-on experience of highline rigging. And of course, we’ll do a lot of walking on highlines and falling! It’s going to be a cool experience. You’ll come away pumped up, full of impressions, loaded with information and ready for independent safe highlining.

The course will be led by Anna Hanuš Kuchařová, who has 14 years of experience with highline all over the world and 10 years of slackline teaching experiences. She is a certified highline rigger by ISA (International Slackline Association) and certificated trainer from Czech Slackline Association.


Ostrov, Tisá, Czech Republic (close to Dresden DE)



23 July – 27 July 2024 


 400 EUR / 5 day course.

Deposit after registration is 100 EUR. The deposit is fully refundable until 20 June 2024. In case you are unable to attend the course, you can find a substitute for yourself. Just before the course I will ask you to pay the remaining 300 EUR, or you can pay the whole amount at once. If the course cannot be held due to covid restrictions or my side (illness, injury), we will refund the full amount with the deposit.


Price includes:

  • Theory lessons rigging and derigging the highlines
  • Workshop practicing rigging and derigging the highlines on the ground in safe enviroment.
  • Workshop practicing rigging and derigging the highlines in the rocks, alredy in height, with full support of instructors.
  • Workshop preparation for walking the highline, getting up, getting off the highline.
  • Practicing highlines for multiple days with support of instructors.
  • All highline material (lines, tensioning system, anchor points, belay elements, static ropes). Harnesses and helmets will also be available for rent, but there will be a limited amount available, so it is recommended to bring your own.
  • Theoretical seminars on tensioning and highline operation in considering different countries and enviroments.
  • Theory and practice of highline safety and rescue

Price does not include:

  • Accommodation (in Autokemp pod Císařem https://www.podcisarem.cz/cz/, possibility to sleep in a tent, cabin or room)
  • Meals. Breakfast and dinner will be possible at the campsite, otherwise we will be on the rocks. Bring with you food for 5 days. The grocery store is a bit far and open just during a week. There is restaurant in Autocamp and also kitchen.

What do you definitely need to know before coming to a highline camp?

✔️Climb up the highline leash (the rope you will be hanging in after leash fall). It doesn’t matter which style you practice, but you have to be able somehow get from leash back on the line.

✔️Get up from sitting on the line to standing. You can use one of the 3 most common styles: the sit start, the drop knee or the chongo. There are more possible styles you can definitely use your original one.

✔️Walk at least 12 metres on the slackline, but in fact the more you walk, the more you will enjoy the camp. If you can make like 30 or 50 metres without falling you are totally ready. But even 12 meters is great and some people get the biggest motivation for slacklining after firs highline experience. So feel welcome what ever is your level now. Highline is new game. It feels like to start slacklining again. At first every step can be challenge and slackline skills can help.

I will send you instructional videos how to climb the leash and how to stand up on slackline. After you pay the deposit. I’m sure they will help you with proper training🙂

The Highline Camp can be taken as a family holiday.The surrounding area is great for hiking and cycling trips, thread climbing and bouldering. Near the campsite there is a pond for swimming and lots of beautiful rocks and forests. For example, one member of the family can highline with us and the rest can enjoy the summer in the landscape of sandstone towers, pines and birch trees.

If you have any questions, please write or call: slacklinekurz@gmail.com,  +420 777 885 425

Course info

 Czech Republic, Ostrov, Camping: Autocamp pod Císařem
 2024 July 23rd - 27th
 400 EUR
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