The goal is that every family will have a great time in the rocks and to connect families with similar interests across Europe and maybe even across the world.


Five days of highlining, climbing, blueberry picking, swimming in the pond and evening campfires. Combining parenting and highline is challenging. Taking care about the kids, rigging and highlining…all need our attention and time. That’s why I decided to leave some highlines up after my Highline Camp July 23rd -27th, and enjoy them for next 5 days. And if there is time, space and motivation we will add more.

This is not a festival. But a kids friendly meeting. You don’t have to have a kid to come, but you have to like kids, because there will be plenty of them. Each of the participants will co-create the programme with what he or she knows. Someone can help with rigging and derigging lines. The other can lead some thread climbing rout. Someone can watching the kids for while, setting up a game, to prepare campfire or take some nice photos…

The program is up to all of us and it will not be same for everyone. Someone prefers to go to swim on a hot day and someone to the rocks. The local landscape is also great for running, hiking, biking and bouldering. It’s all up to mutual agreements, sympathies, preferences and the possibilities of the moment. And as all parents know: plans can change from minute to minute.

The system of walking the highlines will be parent friendly. When a parent arrives at the highline he or she has a right to get ahead in line. They line up normally if they are not in hurry:) And special priority is given to mothers of young children, as they often have a very limited time just by the baby’s sleep or a break between nursing.

Important: Highlines are for those who already know how. This is not an event for first attempts at the highline. If you want to learn highline with me sign up for Highline Camp   23rd – 27th July and then you can stay for this meeting. Or you can try a one day highline with me in Liberec, Czech Republic. For those who have already been through my Highline courses and camps, the event is of course open. Just as always you will have to show that you can climb up the leash:)

Accommodation in the campsite Autokemp pod Císařem. Everyone pay for the accomodation by themself. I will do a reservation for some cars and tents. But if you prefer a cabin or an appartment, please make the reservation by yourself.

In the application form, please fill up what is your field, passion, or how you can help with meeting so everyone will enjoy. The Highline Family Meeting has limited places to make the event sustainable.

foto Tereza Krecbachová

What to bring:

  • Highline material, sign and take with you.
  • Climbing gear, especially if you are climbing on sandstone (loop knots:)
  • Bouldering mats. They are very nice for chilling. Nooo I’m  kidding. Close to Ostrov is a great bouldering area called Sněžník.
  • Musical instrument if you know one
  • Inflatable boat, paddleboard
  • Waterproof clothes and shoes (yes it can rainy in the middle of summer in Ostrov)
  • A down jacket and warm clothes. Even after hot days the evenings in Ostrov can be really cold.

Ideally leave the dogs at home. Only take them if they are extremely friendly, can tolerate the behaviour of small children and have been raised not to eat food that doesn’t belong to them, not to lick children who are afraid of them and will come to your feet at the first call. This event is primarily for parents and children. Camping itself can be challenge with kids. Thak you for respect:) 

And finally. Everyone is responsible for himself. And even though the event is free there are rules, both in terms of safety and reciprocity.

The rules of the event:

  • Reciprocity. It’s hard to define, but when it occurs, everyone feels like doing quite and getting a lot from  others. I will try my best to make this happen.
  • Respect. Respect to the nature, to the other participants, other people in the camp and rocks and also respect to ourself.

Highline rules:

  • I will check the anchorage before the highline session. If I’m not 100% sure if it’s ok I don’t go on the highline.
  • If I find any deficiency in the highline system I inform the organizers. If I am experienced enough I can fix it. But still inform them. If I find the line unsafe I will remove the leash.
  • Parents and especially mothers of babies have priority on the highline (which they may or may not use)

There are beautiful sandstone towers in Ostrov. But climbing on sand has specific rules that must be followed to avoid destroying the rock.

Climbing rules:

Photo – Pavlina Martin

  • Climbing in rain or on a wet rock is forbidden.
  • It is thread climbing. But the rock is soft and it is forbidden to use metal thread climbing gear like nuts, camalots, stoppers, friends… Instead climbers use textile stoppers (knots, loops) There are also fixed belay rings in the routes, but the distances between them are much greater than on sport routes and the climber is expected to save himself with loops inbetween.
  • You can’t climb the top rope. That means belaying the second climber from the bottom is not possible, because rope can demage the rock. The lead climber is followed by one or two second climbers, who are all the time secured from the top of the tower. The rappel is done from the special rappel rings. For those who have never been on the sand in Ostrov, I recommend starting with someone experienced and knowledgeable about the local rocks and the ethics of climbing.
  • It is forbidden to use magnesium.
  • And It’s recommended to enjoy the climb.

How it can look under the rock


Uf that was long. Thank you fror attention. And I cannot to wait to meet you in Ostrov.

Anna Hanuš Kuchařová (certificated ISA highline rigger and slackline instructor B licenced by Czech Slackline Assocciation)

Course info

 Czech Republic, Ostrov, Camping: Autocamp pod Císařem
 28th July - 1st August 2024
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